Adding Hot Sauce to Mild Articles

I enjoy cooking and baking, and of course eating what I just made. I am taking raw food such as vegetables, meat, spices, and oils, and making really great meals out of it all. It sounds like what so many of you do every week or every month when you create your publications out of the emails, notes and verbal messages you receive.

Of course, I can’t make new recipes every week and invariably there are also a few articles in every publication that must be shown regularly (sometimes every week). They are the reminders of the council meetings on Wednesday nights, the requests for food pantry donations, and the advertiser of the week (written June 9, 2009).

These articles are important! You can breathe new life into these blurbs and get them noticed almost every time they print. How? Here are some tips for making sure they get the proper attention:

  • Use or change the border around the article/blurb.
  • If you have the ability to add color, make the heading, shading, border or a few specific words pop!
  • Shade the text box black (or the darkest shade of color) and make the text color white.
  • Write 2 or 3 different versions of the same information and swap them out occasionally.
  • Put a lot of white or blank space around it. Sometimes the absence of printing gets just as much notice.
  • Add some vibrant clip art once in a while. There are a lot of great choices in LPi’s Art & Media Portal.

A really good idea is to look to other publications, even magazines including Bright Ideas, for creativity and inspiration. And if you are wondering how I make those standby meals interesting for my family? That’s easy. I just set the hot sauce on the table.

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