Picture Perfect

I’d like to share three tips with you for creating a picture perfect publication.

Tip #1:

When resizing a picture, always grab one of the corner handles and drag diagonally with your mouse. By doing so, you will preserve the original ratio between width and height. (Note: some programs require that you hold down the SHIFT key while you drag. Always release the mouse button before you release the SHIFT key.)

Tip #2:

pointingWhen positioning a picture to the left or right of a block of text, flip the picture, if necessary, so that it directs the reader’s eye into the text. Watch out, however. If you flip a picture which incorporates words, numbers or a clock, for example, it will be obvious to your readers.

Tip #3:

When centering a picture above a block of text, avoid the temptation to stretch the picture so that it fills the column horizontally. Leave a little white space to the left and right sides of the picture. You’ll be surprised by how much more appealing to the eye it looks.

Please consult the manual for your specific program for detailed instructions.

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About Charlie Woller

Charlie Woller works as a technical trainer at LPi’s MidEast Region Service Center. He enjoys the opportunities to travel and to meet and work with customers which his job affords him. His greatest satisfaction comes from coaching customers on how best to take advantage of the publishing tools and resources available to them. During his spare time, Charlie likes to read (mysteries, thrillers, horror, quantum physics) and listen to classical music.

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