Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, and Internet.

You might have heard the term “Cookie” mentioned with regard to computers and specifically the internet. While you can certainly find some great recipes on the internet for chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, the cookies I am referring to are not the type you eat.

Internet cookies in their simplest form are short lines of text used by web sites to help identify you on your computer.

Have you ever gone to a web site, say for instance ebay, Amazon or Yahoo! News and it seems to know who you are? That was done by use of the cookie that the web site placed into your computer. Many sites will also use the combination of cookies and a registration system to allow you access to extra features, like LPi uses to allow you to upload a file.

Cookies really help to make navigating web sites much more pleasant and personal.

Issues often arise when the cookies for one reason or another are deleted leaving the web site you frequent unsure who you might be. When this happens, you might have to re-enter certain information like user names or passwords. You might have had this happen to yourself with our web site here at Liturgical Publications Inc. when attempting to upload your publication.

If you have this happen to you at anytime and are unsure what your need to enter, please call your local LPi Center and we will be happy to assist you.

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