Customizing Microsoft Publisher 2010

Have you upgraded to Microsoft Publisher 2010 recently? Have you been tearing your hair out searching for those features which you used over and over again in the past? We’ve got just the thing for you.

As those of you who’ve upgraded to Publisher 2010 already know, Microsoft Corp. did away with the standard pull-down menu bar and toolbars and introduced the ribbon. All the old menu bar and toolbar options were redistributed among groups on a set of tabs going across the top of the ribbon.

Did you know that you can customize the ribbon? We’ve created a custom tab named “EBS” for “Express Bulletin Service,” set up some groups (e.g., “Character,” “Paragraph,” etc.) and added those functions which we thought you would use most frequently to the appropriate groups.

A screen shot of the ribbon with the custom EBS tab installed appears below:

NOTE: Various buttons on the ribbon may appear slightly different depending on your monitor size and screen resolution.

Want to install the custom EBS tab? Click here to download a copy of the EBS customization file. Save the file to your Desktop or a folder of your choice.

To install the custom EBS tab, do the following:

  1. Launch Microsoft Publisher 2010
  2. Create a new blank publication or open an existing publication
  3. Right-click anywhere on the ribbon
  4. Click on Customize the Ribbon…
  5. Pull down on Import/Export
  6. Click on Import customization file
  7. Use the dialog box to navigate to your Desktop or the folder where you saved the customization file
  8. Click on the customization file
  9. Click the Open button
  10. Click Yes in response to the prompt “Replace all existing Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar customizations for this program?” (NOTE: Clicking “Yes” will delete any previously-applied customizations.)
  11. Click the OK button

The custom EBS tab should now appear as the first tab on the ribbon. Most of your work can be done from the EBS tab. The other tabs are still available and may be used for functions not appearing on the EBS tab.

After installing the custom EBS tab, the customization file may be deleted or saved for use another time.

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