Time for “Spring Cleaning” of your bulletin

Spring is here—time to spruce up your house, get rid of clutter and get things organized. But this year, go beyond your home and yard when you do your spring cleaning and look for ways to rejuvenate your bulletin. And springtime is as good a time as any to take a fresh look at your bulletin. So consider these suggestions:

* Dispose of things that aren’t working. Whether it’s a burnt-out computer, a non-vacuuming vacuum cleaner, we all own things that are no longer useful. And the same may be true of some areas of your bulletin. Look through your bulletin from the cover to the last page. Can you utilize the space better?

* Get rid of duplicates. If you went through everything in your bulletin, you might find several items that do the same thing. Do you really need a staff directory on the cover and also on the inside pages? If you took it off the cover, would you have more space to add a new photo to the cover? Or if you keep it on the cover and remove it from the inside page, you might find you do have room for that fundraiser article you just didn’t have room for before. I mean, how many radios do you really need and do you even use them? If you looked at your bulletin in this same way, you might be surprised to find some redundancies. Always look for ways to diversify your information and get your readers attention.

* Put things back in order. Over time, and inadvertently, the spaces in your home can get “out of balance.” Perhaps you have too many chairs in one corner, your flat-screen television is crowding out your family pictures, or your new desk takes up too much space in your home office. With some rearranging, however, you can usually get things back in order. And the same need for rearrangement may apply to your bulletin, which might have become unbalanced with all your articles looking exactly the same. Restore your bulletin to its proper balance—use consistent size headers but have an article go across the whole bottom of the page instead of just two columns running up and down the pages or simply rearrange a few articles and add some new clip art.

Spruce things up by designing a new front cover. And if you need help with this new look, contact our designers at your local LPi service center for some additional help and ideas.

Spring cleaning really puts a smile on your face. I think it’s because we know that summer is right around the corner but a fresh new look to your bulletin can too. By giving your bulletin an annual spring cleaning, you can help make sure it reflects the current needs of your church community. And you won’t even have to get near the dust cloths or furniture polish.

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