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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. — Benjamin Franklin

Franklin’s adage is just as true today in the cyberworld as it was in colonial times. Before you submit your publication to LPi to be printed, always preview your PDF file by clicking the Preview your .pdf file link on the Ready to Submit screen. Clicking the Preview your .pdf file link gives you one last opportunity to review your publication. When you click the Preview your .pdf file link, what you will see is what we will print. If everything looks good to you, close the preview window and click the Submit button. If, however, you spot something which you wish to change, close the preview window and click the Reset button to return to your publication. Make whatever changes you wish to make and then print your publication to the LPi Express printer again. And don’t forget… preview your PDF file again before clicking the Submit button. Doing so will obviate the need to submit your publication a second time. If you do need to submit your publication a second time, please call us as soon as possible so that we can intercept the job which you submitted previously.

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About Charlie Woller

Charlie Woller works as a technical trainer at LPi’s MidEast Region Service Center. He enjoys the opportunities to travel and to meet and work with customers which his job affords him. His greatest satisfaction comes from coaching customers on how best to take advantage of the publishing tools and resources available to them. During his spare time, Charlie likes to read (mysteries, thrillers, horror, quantum physics) and listen to classical music.

2 thoughts on “Print Preview Using LPi Express

  1. Peggy Schneider

    I only wish that the pdf preview could show the change to liturgical color from the Spot 2 settings. Making sure that items are correctly colored with Spot 2 setting is a problem that always needs to be looked at, and it is something that the pdf preview does not provide any help for.

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