About LPi

Since 1972, Liturgical Publications Inc has offered religious and community organizations across the United States custom communications solutions backed by industry-leading service.  Community leaders rely on us to make their job easier and their communications more effective; advertisers use our services to reach new audiences and grow their business.

LPi produces and enhances weekly bulletins and newsletters, online communications, and in-person faith-sharing. Our products can be found in all 50 states and in 12 countries, serving a wide variety of faiths. We produce more than 3,500 church and community publications, sponsored by more than 100,000 advertisers.  Look beyond the numbers, and you’ll find an exceptional commitment to customer service. LPi is known for our unique understanding of the issues and challenges involved in religious communication—and our dedication to offering appropriate, value-oriented solutions.

Whether you are looking to publish your church bulletin or sponsor a bulletin, we invite you to become an LPi publishing partner and discover a world of resources that connect your community. To find out more visit www.4LPi.com.

About the Contributors

Lynne Buell has worked in LPi’s Central Region for 4.5 years as a Publication Support Specialist, providing technical support and customer service, photography skills, and training for print customers. She brings over thirty years of experience in technology and visual communication to LPi.

Carolyn Fraser is a graphic designer with over 5 years of experience in marketing communications and design.  She has been working with LPi’s Central Region customers since 2011, offering expertise in template design and publication layout.

Scott MacDonald has been employed as an EBS Application Specialist in the LPi Hartford office since late 2008. In that time he has helped many LPi customers in the Northeast region with various technical support issues as well as bulletin design/layout questions. In his spare time Scott performs with a number of community theater groups in the Hartford area.

Carol Owens is the senior graphic artist at LPi’s MidEast Region Service Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. Carol has over twenty years experience in the graphic arts field, eleven of those with LPi. The most rewarding part of her job is working with current, new and prospective customers and designing or redesigning their publication covers to make them special and unique. Carol enjoys spending quality time with her family.

Charlie Woller works as a technical trainer at LPi’s MidEast Region Service Center. He enjoys the opportunities to travel and to meet and work with customers which his job affords him. His greatest satisfaction comes from coaching customers on how best to take advantage of the publishing tools and resources available to them. During his spare time, Charlie likes to read (mysteries, thrillers, horror, quantum physics) and listen to classical music.

One thought on “About LPi

  1. Patricia DeVries

    Our Pastor writes a weekly newsletter. Would like information on how to: 1.) bound them, preferably quarterly 2.) publish them to give out as a ministry. Pastor uses his own thoughts, but does also uses various articles, blogs and quotes. I talked to a publishing company and they stated that we needed permission from all of those that we quoted. That seems to me a daunting task. thank you.

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