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With Ash Wednesday coming up on February 13, 2013, many churches are preparing for the onslaught of questions about Mass times, Lenten penance and prayer services, Friday fish fries, and other events.

So take a few minutes now and save your members’ some time, and yourself a few (dozen) phone calls. Make sure schedules are updated and made available everywhere possible: bulletin, voicemail, outdoor sign, Facebook page, website, Seek And Find page. The following link shows three different ways to add this information to your listing, so pick the one that makes the most sense for your community:

New Special Covers for October and November

That time of year is approaching again; that period when it seems as though every other day is another holiday, feast, or celebration to prepare for. From religious feasts like Our Lady of the Rosary and Christ the King, to national holidays like Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, to multinational celebrations like World Food Day and Día de los Muertos—our designers have been hard at work to create beautiful covers to help you in your celebrations. All the covers are available in full-color and black-and-white (covers with asterisks indicate bilingual versions). So take a look at what’s new on LPi’s Art & Media Portal, and get ready to celebrate!

October Special Covers

November Special Covers

Anything we’ve missed? If you’re looking for a special cover that you can’t find on Portal, be sure to let us know—you can leave a comment below or e-mail us your suggestions at

Celebrating 40 Years

Your history is our history and it has been for 40 years.

One thing has stayed the same since 1972: Liturgical Publications Inc has helped churches, synagogues, and senior centers become better at communicating and engaging with their members. But the ways we’ve helped looked quite different then.

In 1972, bulletins were typed, on a typewriter, by our customer. We picked them up and typeset them, added graphics and ads, took a picture of them and printed them, in one color.

In 2012 you create your own bulletin or newsletter using graphic design software. You add your own graphics, selecting from over 30,000 in our exclusive online collection—including many in full color and even photographic—and then you submit it to us by clicking print and it transmits over the internet. The turnaround is hours instead of days and the quality you experience would have been unimaginable in 1972. And, you can further engage your parishioners with products from LPi helping you offer online giving, a better Web site, and even social networking.

We know many of our customers have been working with LPi since the beginning—or at least for a large percentage of our years in business. We want to hear your stories—about what it used to be like to create your bulletin or newsletter, about the LPi employee you remember most (chance are they might still work here—we have almost 3,000 years of experience in our offices). Between now and April 30 we’ll be collecting your stories. Then for the rest of the year we’ll be sharing those stories with you, via this monthly newsletter and on our Web site. If we use your story, we’ll thank you with a $100 gift card. If we use a story that mentions a current employee, that employee gets the same $100 thank you!

What’s your story about LPi?

Have You Explored Catholic Faith Sharing?

www.CatholicFaithSharing.comThe start of the Advent season is rapidly approaching, and with it, Year B of the Lectionary cycle, where we will hear the Gospel proclaimed according to St. Mark throughout the year. LPi’s Catholic Faith Sharing® program helps you explore the Gospel in a new and enriching way.

Following Christ: The Gospel According to Mark is designed to work throughout the year, but Advent is an ideal time to promote a small- or large-group faith sharing program in your parish. The program is available in English or Spanish, and is broken into several parts that can be customized to your community’s needs: a two-part discussion booklet forms the basis of the program, a music CD complements the prayer and meditation portions, and a program planner gives you all the resources you’ll need to plan and promote your adult faith sharing program to your parish. Learn more about Following Christ: The Gospel According to Mark here, or visit

Keep Sharing Your Creative Fund-raising Ideas!

If you’ve received the most recent issue of Bright Ideas! then you got to read about a few of the most ingenious reader-submitted fund-raising ideas we came across. Unfortunately, we could only highlight a few of the great submissions, so we wanted to open a forum for everyone to share their ideas. We’ll get things started by sharing a couple ideas that we couldn’t quite fit in the magazine:

“At St. Margaret’s we held a bed drive for kids in the city who do not have a bed to sleep in. We went through a project called Sleepyhead Beds, and we asked for gently used twin or full mattress, box springs, sheets and blankets, as well as new pillows and mattress covers. I am happy to report we received 30 beds and lots and lots of sheets and other bedding.” —Sue, Parish Manager

“Our parish is instituting a new program called “Brown Bagging It.” The purpose is to help stock the shelves at two local food banks. Parishioners take a brown grocery bag from the supply at our church entrances that has a “wish list” from the food banks stapled to it. The idea is that they purchase items on the wish list while grocery shopping this week and return the brown bag with the items in it to our church when they come back next weekend. The items will then be distributed to the food banks. The bags are being donated by four area grocery store chains.” —Ginny, Parish Secretary

Now it’s your turn! Just click the “Leave a comment” below this post and keep the great ideas coming!

Have a Bright Idea to Share?

The next issue of our award-winning publication for bulletin and newsletter editors, Bright Ideas! magazine, will highlight some of the more creative and adventurous fundraising and charity drives our printing partners have helped to organize or participated in, and we’d love to hear your ideas! We’ve received some excellent submissions so far, and would love to hear some more! To share your idea, just send us an e-mail at with a description of your event—the most creative and successful ideas will be featured in the fall issue of Bright Ideas!

Seek And You Shall Find… Your Publication Online!

You’ve probably heard by now that your bulletin or newsletter is posted online at at no additional cost; but have your members heard the news? Do they know they can find the most recent bulletins or newsletters, subscribe to receive an e-mail notification when a new publication is available online, and even participate in a contest to win $50 every week? And they can do it all without leaving the house!

To find your bulletin or newsletter online, go to and type your zip code in the NEAR box and then click FIND. Select your church or organization from the results list and you’ll see the listing; in the middle of the page is a Publications section, listing the most recent bulletins and/or newsletters. Just click on the issue you’d like to view, and it will open a PDF that you can Print or Save to your computer.

To subscribe to your publication, click on the link just above the bulletins, pictured here:

Just enter your name and e-mail address, and you’ll automatically receive an e-mail each time a new bulletin or newsletter is posted online!

Last but not least, to enter the 5 Minutes Could Mean $50 for You contest, all you have to do is write an online review of one of the advertising sponsors of your publication. To do this, click on View All >> in the Our Supporters section, in the top right of your church or organization’s listing page:

You’ll see a list of all the businesses that sponsor your organization’s publications; select the business you’d like to review, and at the bottom of that business’ listing page, click the Write Review button, and create your review:

It’s fast, simple, and easy, and each review counts as one entry in a drawing to win $50 every week! And there’s no limit on the number of times you can enter.

So now you know… do your members? You can find short articles and graphics on Art & Media Portal to help you share this resource with your members; just search for keyword “Seek And Find” to download them today!

Color of the Week

Color SwatchesDepending on how your bulletin or newsletter is printed, you may occasionally hear the terms two-color, liturgical color, highlight color, or spot color. While full-color and black-and-white are straightforward, a two-color publication varies from issue to issue: the first color being black, and the second being the liturgical or highlight color, which changes weekly. And some covers are printed using only the color of the week. So how is this color of the week determined?

As the term “liturgical color” suggests, it has its basis in the liturgy. More specifically, the color of the week is based on the Catholic liturgical color (the color of the altar coverings and the vestments worn by the priest at Mass on Sunday) since, while LPi now serves churches of many denominations and organizations, like senior centers, without a religious affiliation, our history is in working with Catholic parishes. For example, throughout Advent and Lent the priest’s vestments are violet—with the exception of the 3rd Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) and the 4th Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday), which are a shade of rose; hence, the color of the week throughout Advent and Lent will be a shade of violet (except for the two weeks noted above).

However, on many occasions, especially major feasts, the vestment color is white…hardly an ideal color for printing! In these instances an appropriate color is selected based on customer surveys and printing considerations. For example, during the Easter season (when vestments are white) various shades of blue are used, except for the weekend of Mother’s Day where a shade of rose is used. Sundays during the Christmas season (the Epiphany, Holy Family, and Baptism of the Lord) also use a shade of blue. Other feasts, like Easter Sunday and Trinity Sunday, employ a shade of red; Christ the King, which generally falls on the calendar close to Thanksgiving, receives a golden orange color in 2011 but, based on customer feedback, will change to red starting in 2012.

Throughout ordinary time (which makes up most of the year), the priest’s vestments are green, but to prevent week after week of publications being printed in the same color, several shades of green, as well as blue, are cycled throughout the season; besides adding some variety, this allows you to see with just a glance the difference between two issues, especially if the layout of the cover doesn’t change much from issue to issue.

You can easily view what the liturgical/highlight color for a given week will be by consulting your Resource Calendar: the color of the week is listed on both the Ink Color Chart as well as each week of the calendar—on the individual week you can even see along the side the various tints of the color of the week when printed at different percentages.

In general, the printed color of the week is based on the following schedule:

Advent                     violet
Christmas                 Day: red; season: blue
Lent                            violet
Easter                        Day: rose; season: blue
Ordinary Time         green/blue
-Pentecost               red
-Trinity Sunday        red
-Corpus Christi        wine
-Christ the King      red

To learn more about the official liturgical colors of the Catholic Church, see numbers 335–347 of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) here.