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Spread the Word

With Ash Wednesday coming up on February 13, 2013, many churches are preparing for the onslaught of questions about Mass times, Lenten penance and prayer services, Friday fish fries, and other events.

So take a few minutes now and save your members’ some time, and yourself a few (dozen) phone calls. Make sure schedules are updated and made available everywhere possible: bulletin, voicemail, outdoor sign, Facebook page, website, Seek And Find page. The following link shows three different ways to add this information to your listing, so pick the one that makes the most sense for your community:

Seek And You Shall Find… Your Publication Online!

You’ve probably heard by now that your bulletin or newsletter is posted online at at no additional cost; but have your members heard the news? Do they know they can find the most recent bulletins or newsletters, subscribe to receive an e-mail notification when a new publication is available online, and even participate in a contest to win $50 every week? And they can do it all without leaving the house!

To find your bulletin or newsletter online, go to and type your zip code in the NEAR box and then click FIND. Select your church or organization from the results list and you’ll see the listing; in the middle of the page is a Publications section, listing the most recent bulletins and/or newsletters. Just click on the issue you’d like to view, and it will open a PDF that you can Print or Save to your computer.

To subscribe to your publication, click on the link just above the bulletins, pictured here:

Just enter your name and e-mail address, and you’ll automatically receive an e-mail each time a new bulletin or newsletter is posted online!

Last but not least, to enter the 5 Minutes Could Mean $50 for You contest, all you have to do is write an online review of one of the advertising sponsors of your publication. To do this, click on View All >> in the Our Supporters section, in the top right of your church or organization’s listing page:

You’ll see a list of all the businesses that sponsor your organization’s publications; select the business you’d like to review, and at the bottom of that business’ listing page, click the Write Review button, and create your review:

It’s fast, simple, and easy, and each review counts as one entry in a drawing to win $50 every week! And there’s no limit on the number of times you can enter.

So now you know… do your members? You can find short articles and graphics on Art & Media Portal to help you share this resource with your members; just search for keyword “Seek And Find” to download them today!

Go Forth and Blog

We’d like to thank you for reading our blog and now suggest that you try it yourself.  Blogging can be a great way to communicate your message and get fresh engaging content out to your parish.  Our online service, Seek And Find, now has its own build in blogging capability just for you.  If you’ve taken ownership of your Seek And Find listing page, you can now begin blogging.  Do you want to take Father’s weekly letter out of the bulletin and publish it online?  Its as easy as copying and pasting.

For more information, please go to Seek And Find and check out these instructions,  Remember, you must have previously taken ownership of your church’s listing page to have this functionality available to you.

Now, Go Forth and Blog!

Preview your publication on Seek And Find

As the publication editor, you may want a sneak peak at your publication that you just send Liturgical Publications Inc (LPi) for printing.  You now can preview it within hours of sending it over to LPi.

If you take ownership of your congregation’s listing page on Seek And FindScreen shot 2010-02-05 at 8.24.16 AM, we’ll automatically send you an email within hours that your publication is available on Seek And Find.  To take ownership, find your congregation on Seek And Find and follow the directions in the “Take Ownership of This Page” box.

Once ownership of the page has been granted to you, an email alert goes out to you when your new publication is posted online.

Your Bulletin and Your Website

If you’re like most of our customers you print your bulletin weekly and use this bulletin to…

Screen shot 2009-12-17 at 8.17.24 PM

- communicate current, fresh content on happenings in your parish.
- provide an updated calendar of current events.
- publish accurate contact information for your staff and key volunteers.
- print a personal, timely message from your priest.
- display a few pictures of not just your church, but recent parish events.

Unfortunately, if you’re like over half of our customers, you don’t do the same on your website. Almost all of our customers have their own website, but well over half of those customers don’t publish content on their website at nearly the same frequency, depth or passion than they do their bulletin. If you’re like the majority of our customers, your website contains outdated information, broken links that go nowhere, and at least a few pages that say ‘Under Construction’ and probably said that same thing 6 months ago.Screen shot 2009-12-17 at 8.17.00 PM

The bulletin has been a staple of church communication for decades, but as the world seems to be moving online will it always be this way? Remember, the next generation of parishioners is growing up in online very connected world.

Here are a few simple things you can do now to help improve your online presence:

1. As the Bulletin Editor, you are aware of all the changes and upcoming events in your Parish. For every change you make in your bulletin or new article that is written, don’t forget about your website. You could serve as the focal point for communicating changes or new stories to whoever maintains your website.

2. If you don’t have a website yet, feel free to use ours. We offer a free directory service, that can be used as a website. If you haven’t check this out yet, please go look for your parish, its there! If you need more, let us know. We have services that can assist.

3. Many of you have started to publish your bulletin online which is a great first step. In case you haven’t yet, you can find an electronic copy of your bulletin on our website, If you don’t want to manually upload your new bulletin to your website every week, you can have your bulletin appear on your website automatically through LPi’s Bulletin Widget. Call or email our Technical Support team for details.

Like the bulletin, the Internet is a communication vehicle. The technologies used to create a website or manage an email campaign may seem complicated maybe even a little scary, but in the end they are just tools. These tools can help you communicate your mission. Here at LPi, we’ll be rolling out some new technologies in 2010 to help improve your presence on the Internet and communicate more with your parishioners online if you wish to. We’ll be introducing a few of these in some upcoming blog posts over the next few months.

Did you know?

Seek and Find

You can find the logo for Seek and Find on LPi’s Art & Media Portal. Do a Quick Search for Seek and Find. The logo is available in full color or in one color (also known as black and white).

Please let the members of your organization know that they can find your publications online using Seek and Find. Consider running an article in your bulletin and/or newsletter so people will know about this service. Use the logo so that everyone will know they are in the right place.

If you have not yet had a chance to find your organization’s homepage on Seek and Find, please go and take a look. As a representative of your organization, you can “Take Ownership” of your page and control the content that is visible to viewers. I encourage you check out this great new service from LPi.

Check it out at!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Search: Design Inspiration

I was sitting with an editor the other week and we were talking about design and format. She wanted some feedback on her latest ideas for making her bulletin articles and headings pop.

After looking through her bulletin, knowing what it used to look like, I told her how well I liked the overall design. Smiling back at her, I saw she was no longer smiling back at me. She reached under a stack of paperwork and pulled out several bulletins from other parishes.

“I copied from these!” she said, a tortured overtone to her voice. “That’s plagiarism, isn’t it?”

That poor editor! She had done what so many other editors, designers, and countless other people had done in the past. I looked through her stack of bulletins and found she had gained INSPIRATION from them. She saw what others had done so well and tailored it to her own needs.

What I was looking at was definitely not plagiarism for several very distinct reasons:
  1. plagiarism4Publisher, Quark and InDesign has a limited set of shading variations, or gradients, that can be used for headings with any effect.
  2. The editor gained the idea to use this shading, provided by Publisher (in her case), from other bulletins that also use Publisher to produce their bulletin.
  3. My editor is not the only person to have used this type of heading. She never thought to use it until she saw other bulletins, which most likely got their inspiration the same way.

We then got on the internet and did about 2 minutes of research. A Google search (you can use Yahoo or even Bing) using the term “design inspiration” yielded blogs, college sites and websites devoted to gaining a bit of help with design ideas and even some ethical discussions that helped ease her fears further.

If you would like some inspiration from other bulletins and newsletters, page through other parishes and organizations that print with us on Seek & Find. Bright Ideas magazine has creative ways to use their artwork every quarter too. Who knows, maybe someone will look through your publication and get some inspiration!

Place an ad in your own publication

LPi’s new Seek and Find ( makes it possible to feature any of your advertisers, right in the pages of your bulletin or newsletter.

You can now choose one of the actual ads from the ad grid page of your publication for a spotlight article. You can actually place an ad in your bulletin!

Use Seek and Find to locate your most current publication. The publication will open as a PDF file, right in your Browser window. Navigate to the ad page. Find the advertisement that you want to feature. Zoom in on the ad until it fills as much of your computer’s screen as possible. You should still be able to see the whole ad.

Press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. (You may have to hold the Shift key as you press Print Screen depending on the layout of your particular keyboard. In the keyboard example to the right, you would have to hold the Shift key and press Print Screen at the same time.) This will take a picture of whatever is showing on your monitor and place it on the Clipboard.

Open the document in which you want to place the advertisement (in MS Publisher or Word 2002 or better).  Navigate to the page in the document where you want the article to appear. From the Edit menu, choose Paste. You will see the copy of your screen appear on the page. It is a now a graphic for you to edit.

Use the Crop button on the Picture Toolbar to remove the portion of the screen that is not a part of the ad.

Use caution: The advertisement will not be high resolution. That means you should limit the size of the ad to about the same size that the ad would be on your printed ad page.

Advertiser support makes it possible for LPi to provide a variety of products and services to your community. It just makes sense to say “thank you” to the sponsors of your publication.