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Place an ad in your own publication

LPi’s new Seek and Find (SeekandFind.com) makes it possible to feature any of your advertisers, right in the pages of your bulletin or newsletter.

You can now choose one of the actual ads from the ad grid page of your publication for a spotlight article. You can actually place an ad in your bulletin!

Use Seek and Find to locate your most current publication. The publication will open as a PDF file, right in your Browser window. Navigate to the ad page. Find the advertisement that you want to feature. Zoom in on the ad until it fills as much of your computer’s screen as possible. You should still be able to see the whole ad.

Press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. (You may have to hold the Shift key as you press Print Screen depending on the layout of your particular keyboard. In the keyboard example to the right, you would have to hold the Shift key and press Print Screen at the same time.) This will take a picture of whatever is showing on your monitor and place it on the Clipboard.

Open the document in which you want to place the advertisement (in MS Publisher or Word 2002 or better).  Navigate to the page in the document where you want the article to appear. From the Edit menu, choose Paste. You will see the copy of your screen appear on the page. It is a now a graphic for you to edit.

Use the Crop button on the Picture Toolbar to remove the portion of the screen that is not a part of the ad.

Use caution: The advertisement will not be high resolution. That means you should limit the size of the ad to about the same size that the ad would be on your printed ad page.

Advertiser support makes it possible for LPi to provide a variety of products and services to your community. It just makes sense to say “thank you” to the sponsors of your publication.