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The Friendly InDesign

Most of my editors here at LPi use Microsoft Publisher. Publisher is a very easy to use, user friendly desktop publishing program offered at no charge with some of the Office installations. However, I have a segment of editors (and they are slowly growing) that have discovered Adobe InDesign. I make no attempt to hide my love of this program and there are some preferences that can be set in advance to help make the program easier to use.

To open the Preferences dialogue, click on the Edit menu option and choose Preferences. There are a lot of options to choose from but just choose General for now. I will only touch on a few of the options that are pertinent to you, our editors and our printing at LPi.

  • First, select the Units & Increments preference from the right. This is where you can change the ruler units to page or spread layout (showing 2 pages at a time or just one) and inches vs. picas, points or metric.
  • Next, click on Autocorrect. I will leave this choice up to you but I really like the ability for my programs to catch when I get my i’s and e’s mixed up in relief.
  • Lastly, click on the Appearance of Black. Since we at LPi print in CMYK, not RGB or gray (like your desktop printer), please set the options to Display All Blacks Accurately and Output All Blacks Accurately, in each respective drop down. Also, make sure the box marked Overprint [Black] Swatch at 100% is checked.

With just a few settings changed in the beginning, with InDesign and so many other situations in life, you can make things much more user friendly.