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How does it all fit? Working with Clip Art.

In the past we have discussed how to build up your clip art library and then how to modify images to fit your needs (within the bounds of copyrights as was discussed in another post,) but now comes the tricky part of getting these images into your publication.

There are a few formatting options available for images.  Anyone working with images in Word knows the first option “In Line with Text.”  This is the default setting for any images that are inserted into a word document, but it is generally unfavorable because it often takes up a lot of room unnecessarily.  So how do we fix this?

First, if you right click on the image a series of options will open up, one of which will say “Format Picture”  This will open a formatting window, if we click on the Layout tab we will see the Text Wrapping options.  (In later versions of word the Text Wrapping options are accessible just by right clicking the image.)  Remember this Formatting screen as we will refer to it later.

Of the options that are available, Square is most likely the choice we are looking for.  This will allow us to move the image freely and will let the text fill the white space on either side of the image (this is the default picture setting in Publisher.)

There are a lot of other options available to us, for instance, lets say we want our graphic behind the text.  In word, we can either use the “Behind Text” option from the “format Picture” screen, or else we can just right click the image and there is an option available for “Send to Back” and “Send Behind Text,” similarly in publisher, you can right click, select “Object Order” and “Send to Back.  Generally this format is used for watermarks and should be done very sparingly and only with lighter images so that it doesn’t interfere with the text on top.  Also overuse of watermarks or images behind text can make your publication look very busy and make it harder to read.

These are only a couple of options available to help your graphics work with the text.  Don’t be afraid to play with the available options and see what you can do